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  • Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd
    Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd, Handler (300201) wholly owned subsidiary, is founded in 2011 with RMB119.5 million registered capital .it is national "high-tech enterprise" and "double soft enterprise" which locate in Shenzhen Bao’an district, provide clients world-class intelligent manufacturing solutions and services. It has Liansuo intelligent integrated division, Liansuo education division and five subsidiaries. It is dedicated to the four major fields, including LED lighting, photoelectric display, 3C (wearable device) and other industries, focusing on system integration, organization design, process technology, and industry 4.0 education training. Main business on the industrial robot integration application, automatic intelligent visual inspection (AOIII&AOIIII) equipment, automatic production line of LED lighting products, food packaging precision component assembly and metal polishing grinding, industrial robots design, university-enterprise cooperation, talent training, employment services and after-sales service. Commit to building the first unit of China robot education; promote industry 4.0 and Chinese intellectual industry development.

It got Shenzhen double soft enterprise qualification certificate and enterprise quality management system certification ISO9001:2008 version in December 2012.

It is a national high-tech enterprises and Shenzhen high-tech enterprises that got 65 national technology patents, including 23 software copyright patents, 1 appearance patents, 35 patents of practical technology and 6 technical invention patents.

In 2015, with the Italian COMAU and German KUKA to build intelligent integration application center, by high efficiency, high quality management mode it won the majority of customers trust and support, and then established long cooperation relationship with MLS, CHANGFANG, WAICHI, LEDMAN, OPPLE, LIANOVATION, HL, TCL, SKYWORTH, ACBEL and many other listed companies. Relies on technology and resource advantage, with effective market development ability, and forge ahead of innovation consciousness, master the many high quality customer resources, it is a leading supplier who can offer automatic industrial equipment solutions.

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